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    New Site ... New Feel
    by David Walkowiak - Sunday, 9 September 2018, 5:29 PM

    Any returning students (and there a quite a few) will notice that the site has be upgraded. We are now using a full fledged LMS (Learning Management System). We welcome your comments on the new look and feel.


    Available courses

    Historically, there has not standardized background or training protocol to enter the scouting profession. The Scouting Academy builds a foundational knowledge of the game, as it relates to evaluation of personnel. We teach the critical factors and core traits that can lead to success on the football field.  We accomplish this with a rich curriculum, facilitated by current and former NFL executives and coaches. Our students are equipped with the tools to propel themselves into evaluations positions within the NFL, NCAA, agency and major media outlets.

    Building upon our film evaluation course, the CFL Scouting Course is a 6 week learning program that provides insight into what it takes to identify talented players for the Canadian Football League. The CFL is not a priority for many when looking at the job market, but that should not be the case. There are very good positions available in the CFL and a place for people to make a good living working in evaluation. The CFL tends to be more open to older scouts and can leverage US based personnel for their purposes. It should be a priority for every aspiring evaluator looking for positions and we want to share with you how to properly identify and qualify prospects for the CFL.

    Building upon our film evaluation course, the College Area Scouting Course is an experiential learning program that provides insight into what actually goes into the process of working on the road as a college area scout. It is more than simply grinding tape, but executing a detailed plan to identify, qualify, and evaluate every potential draft eligible player in your area. From summer film work to background and character research, from live practice exposure through writing up scouting reports and preparing for draft meetings, we share insight, stories, practical tools, documentation, interview strategies, and much much more on what it takes to be an effective college area scout for an NFL organization.

    Building upon our film evaluation course, the College Recruiting Course is an 8 week learning program that provides insight into what it takes to identify, qualify and recruiting High School prospects for Colleges and Universities. The CFB landscape is wide open and there are more jobs available in college football than the NFL and CFL put together. Furthermore, the NFL sees college recruiting positions are a developmental space for their future scouts and have been heavily hiring those with that background. As such, we are here to provide insight in to what it takes to help a recruiting operations from identifying prospects, getting them through the NCAA Clearinghouse, how to help a coaching staff, and recruiting players while maintaining compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.